Some useful and free Mac apps

Here are several really useful free Mac apps that I've come across recently: Macfusion (free). Lets you mount remote filesystems over SSH or FTP, and access them through Finder. Far nicer than using the ssh command in Terminal, or a third-party FTP client. Depends on OSXFUSE. Notes: Finder does already provide FTP access (via "Connect to… Continue reading Some useful and free Mac apps

Adding PDFs to BibDesk

I found it a little long-winded to import PDFs from the web into my BibDesk library. My old workflow was as follows: Open the PDF in my browser. Choose "Save Page as..." from the menu bar, and save the PDF to my desktop. Open BibDesk. Drag the PDF from my desktop into my BibDesk library.… Continue reading Adding PDFs to BibDesk