Trivia+cryptic crossword

Here is a crossword. Some clues are cryptic, and some are general knowledge. Good luck!

Crossword grid


5. Tunnel built by friend following vehicle? (6)

8. Whose tombstone in Vienna reads S = k log W? (6,9)

9. Pneumatic tool for RAF practice? (3,5)

11. Plant of the year? (6)

12. The heart, in Hebrew, is found in Jewish ale vessel (5)

13. Their work is provided by the devil (4,5)

18. Which Minnesotan city might appeal to a Czech? (3,6)

22. Which fabric originates from the French city of Nîmes? (5)

23. Which Renault engineer is famous for his curves? (6)

24. … (2,6)

25. Which former colony (flag pictured) boasts the world’s most livable city (according to The Economist) (7,8)?


26. Path taken by falling satellite (6)

27. Which institution, founded in 1458, has won University Challenge a record four times? (8)


1. Which British PM’s term as a transport minister saw the introduction of zebra crossings? (9)

2. By which computing phenomenon can x − y  > x be true for positive y? (9)

3. Largest French waterway avoids European capital to expose tributary? (4,5)

4. Loops around reel? (5)

5. Industrial building? (7)

6. Which country was represented by the first “perfect 10.0” Olympic gymnast? (7)

7. Objectivist philosopher, and yarn spinner? (3,4)

10. Prone to deceiving? (5)

14. German lies in gladioli (e.g. tristis) (5)

15. Investment in shrubbery? (5,4)

16. The solution is not to use any words (3-6)

17. As above (4,5)

19. Contemplate steep descent? (3,4)

20. Rope artist? (7)

21. What did chemical engineer Erik Rotheim invent in 1926 to help wax his skis? (7)

24. What is the website of the world’s oldest continuously-published encyclopedia? (2.3)

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