Chrome-style tabs for…

Here’s what Terminal might look like with Chrome-style tabs:

Terminal with Chrome-style tabs

Compare this with the original tabs, shown below. Firstly, the tapered edges of the Chrome-style tabs make the front-most tab naturally prominent, without having to darken the other tabs. Secondly, pushing the tabs into the title area saves a bit of vertical space, and more importantly, reduces clutter. (The application name is displayed in the menu bar anyway.)

Terminal with original tabs

And here’s what Aquamacs might look like with Chrome-style tabs:

A screengrab of Aquamacs with Chrome-style tabs

4 thoughts on “Chrome-style tabs for…”

  1. How did you create those previews of them with chrome style tabs? I’m trying to create tabs like those.

      1. Thanks for the quick reply. But unfortunately that wouldn’t work because I’m making a web app.

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