MathUnicode keyboard layout

I made a keyboard layout containing lots of maths symbols that I commonly use in LaTeX.

To try it yourself:

  1. Copy the MathUnicode.keylayout file into your ~/Library/Keyboard Layouts directory.
  2. Log out and back in again.
  3. In the Language & Text pane of System Preferences, select the Input Sources tab, and then the MathUnicode keyboard.

To use this keylayout in LaTeX, include the MathUnicode.sty package. This package uses the inputenc package to convert the Unicode characters into LaTeX macros.


  • Ukelele is quite a useful tool for editing keyboard layouts.
  • The structure of the .keylayout XML file is described here.
  • The MathUnicode keyboard layout disturbs several keyboard shortcuts that use the option key. So I use cmd-space to switch between MathUnicode and my default layout.

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